“Toplab Architects” is de ontwerpstudio van Taco Hylkema.


Toplab staat voor duurzame en innovatieve architectuur met een bijzondere beleving en een eigen karakter. Daarnaast kijken wij naar de toekomst doormiddel van research en strategie, om  veranderingen in de maatschappij in relatie tot architectuur vorm te geven.


Toplab is de afkorting van de woorden “topologie” en “laboratorium”.

“Laboratorium” als plaats voor onderzoek en “topologie” als zijnde de beschrijving van kennis over (locale) plaatsen en (sociale) structuren binnen een gebied of meer abstract een netwerk. Daarnaast staat “topologie” voor de eigenschappen van ruimte en objecten die ondanks vervormingen toch behouden blijft.







“Toplab Architects” is a design studio led by Taco Hylkema.


The Toplab design studio for architecture(s), is exploring new paradigms of architecture by using emerging technologies as design tools and responses to the continuous cultural and social changes around us by the development of research driven design strategie.


Toplab is the abbreviation of the words “topology” and “laboratory”.


“Laboratory” as a place for research and “topology” as being the description of knowledge about (local) places and (social) structures within an area or more abstractly a network. In addition, “topology” stands for the properties of space and objects that are preserved despite deformations.












Architect and Founder, after completing his studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Taco Hylkema studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London.


Prior starting Toplab, Taco worked for and with several architectural firms on large scale projects both in the Netherlands and abroad including co-designing the famous 600 meter high Canton Tower in China with Information Based Architecture.


Besides running the studio, Taco is involved in the practical experience programme of the Dutch architectural register, member of several  juries and

co-president of the BNI.







Creative design and management, studied at The Rietveld Academie Amsterdam.



With a truly dedication towards architecture and design, he not only creates but also makes sure that all our projects become high standard BIM models.



After a successful internship with us, she is now firmly established in the design practice and supports us with concept development and balanced color and material designs.


Each project is supported by an extensive group of consultants and constructors with whom we work on a regular basis.