The new Coligny project is nearing completion.

The library with its C shaped tribune / bookshelves is waiting for the pupils to start using it.




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If your office is everywhere, where is your company?

This question was the starting point for our newly developed spacegrazing concept.

We believe that fluid workspaces are the future! Sitting next to your colleague to exchange

paper documents in an office block is obvious superfluous, though
exchanging the company’s knowledge and values are indifferently the rock pillar of any company.

The spacegrazing concept is about connecting the best of both worlds
with the freedom of working everywhere while keeping the company’s fundamentals alive .

Check out the spacegrazers website to find out more….

Spacegrazers is a collaboration between Plan-H project management, Toplab Architects
and a joined team of workspace specialists.


We are currently building a tiny villa in close proximity of the natural reserves of the Beemster just above Amsterdam.

By mixing high tech with low tech we are able to build with a minimal footprint literally and also environmentally.

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We recently designed a small extension and new interior for a monument in the center of Amsterdam.

The design refers with a contextual horizontal line play to the historic clock façade designed by Adam Claasz Esso in 1698.

A block shaped extension and choice of material enhanced the contrast between the 21st and 17th century architectural styles.


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The fast growing FinTech startup Franx, needed a young vibrant space to accommodate their ever growing force of employees.

Plan-H project management and Toplab Architects were asked to design and organise the fitout of the new office space.
Amsterdam 2019




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FINALLY FINISHED the entrance of the Farelschool

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For a new client we designed a special carpet layout based on small parametric code we have written.

Because the client is a fintech company we used the new  ‘Interface’ ‘visual code’ series which mimics hard drive writing patterns and computer motherboards layouts in their new carpet tiles.

Building the big F…

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Fixplan bouwt deze zomer de door ons ontworpen nieuwe entree voor de Farelschool in Katwijk. Begin van het nieuwe schooljaar zullen alle leerlingen door een grote ‘F’ hun school binnen lopen/rennen…

De oude entree was zo onopvallend dat we hebben gekozen een groot gebaar te maken op 2 vierkante meter en de eerste letter van de naamgever van de school uit te vergroten. Daarnaast was het van belang een transparante toevoeging te doen omdat de wens was de muurschildering te behouden. ‘The Big F’ is weliswaar een klein project, maar wel een project met een grote Fun factor. see more…

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We are always on the lookout for new talent,


So please send a pdf with your CV (inclusive works) to us when you feel familiar with the following;


* Revit has no secrets for you.

* You are either Dynamo or Grasshopper experienced.

* Know your way around Excel, Photoshop, illustrator and In-design.

* You are comfortable working in a small but dedicated team.


Please send your information to the e-mail adress and we are looking forward to your application.

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Folly ‘F’

We are currently designing a folly like entrance for an elementary school.

It’s our smallest project ever of only 2m2 but it’s great fun.

status: building permission





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Lezing NVB Rotterdam

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Op vrijdag 16 juni geven we weer een Spacepress lezing voor de Nederlandse vereniging van Ontwikkelaars en Bouwondernemers.

De lezing gaat over de impact van Robots, drones en 3d printers die bouwplaatsen gaan veroveren.

Wat betekent dit voor de ontwerper en andere leveranciers in de bouwketen?

Over de opkomst van opensource software, cloud-services en nieuwe bouwtechnieken.


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‘Hello Robot’ is a travelling exhibition exposing the latest [Ro]botic presence in our not short to come future lifestyles. With a little bit of history from Star Wars up to Transformers and some exotic early robotic ventures you are almost immediately exposed to the latest Robot and Bot techniques. Continue Reading


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Dsk II is een ontwerp voor nieuwe stadswoningen in Haarlem voor jonge starters.
Op een kleine kavel de parkeeroplossing en 14 woningen met tuin realiseren nodigde uit om op een inventieve en creatieve manierhet woon, tuin en parkeer programma teorganiseren. De grote ruime woonverdieping hebben we opgetild zodat hieronder geparkeerd kon worden, daarnaast hebben we de tuin op het dak geplaatst waardoor hier de hele dag van de zon te genieten is. Deze bijzondere woningtypologie hebben we gecombineerd met een uiterst duurzame energie oplossing waardoor er geen gasaansluiting meer nodig is en een epc van 0 gerealiseerd kan worden.

Opdrachtgever: Lunee Vastgoed
Aannemer: Plegt-Vos West
Aantal: 14 woningen (100m2 & 120m2 GO)
Lokatie: Stadkavels




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leren anno 2016 [NL]


Levi Veluw at Marres

Look at this great installation  by Levi van Veluw at Marres Maastricht

With The Relativity of Matter, Van Veluw presents an all-encompassing scenographic experience that immerses the visitor in a world of disparate forms of expression.




Toplab at the Venice Architecture Biennale [NL]

Architect Taco Hylkema gave the first Spacepress lecture at the Venice Architecture  Biennale 2014.

By implementing computerized 3D printing as a way of personal manufacturing (which is the big step forward) we move towards ‘the Additive Manufacturing era’ and let the ‘progressive assembly ‘ faint away.


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