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Dag van de Ontwerpkracht

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Last July 6, there was a successful new edition of the “Dag van de Ontwerpkracht”.

An inspiring day with interesting research perspectives about the design of the Netherlands in the distant future how to deal with the rising sea level, but also smaller on a smaller scale how resident can participate in design processes improving innovative housing concepts that enrich new (urban) developments.

“Dag van de Ontwerpkracht” is part of Platform Ontwerp NL, an interdisciplinary collaboration between all professional associations in the Netherlands that are active in the field of architecture and in which Taco is involved in his role as co-chair of the BNI.

Start Bouw ONS

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At the moment, work is underway on the renovation of the Oranje Nassau School in Amsterdam North. The building, located in an area with protected  monumental status, has now been completely stripped inside and is ready to be re-insulated, which will allow it to meet the new BENG requirements and will be equipped with completely new installations.

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‘Hello Robot’ is a travelling exhibition exposing the latest [Ro]botic presence in our not short to come future lifestyles. With a little bit of history from Star Wars up to Transformers and some exotic early robotic ventures you are almost immediately exposed to the latest Robot and Bot techniques. Continue Reading

Levi Veluw at Marres

Look at this great installation  by Levi van Veluw at Marres Maastricht

With The Relativity of Matter, Van Veluw presents an all-encompassing scenographic experience that immerses the visitor in a world of disparate forms of expression.